“My tax issues were complex and I had paid thousands of dollars to “tax experts” to get these IRS issues resolved. Nothing ever got done but I was always sending more money to keep them working. When I hired Arena and Associates, Inc. they were able to cut through the red tape and get things accomplished. They explained to me in plain English what they could do and how they were going to do it. They were great! I would recommend them to anyone with a tax problem.”

Dean H., Madison AL

“When I hired Arena and Associates, Inc. the IRS had liened my business for over $50,000! They had levied my accounts and everything was based on 940 unemployment tax returns that the IRS had filed for money I did not owe! Arena and Associates was able to stop the levy on my accounts and actually get me a refund. I had been dealing with this nightmare for months and they were able to come in and get things fixed where for me it was only frustration and sleepless nights. They were a God send.”

Shannon V., Lakeland FL

“I owed the IRS over $2M in back taxes that I had worked years to get resolved. I had hired attorneys and other “Tax Experts” and the only thing that was ever accomplished was tens of thousands of dollars in representation fees. When I first hired Arena and Associates, Inc., I was represented by the “Nation’s largest tax negotiation firm,” and the IRS had just seized my cars, levied my business for over $200,000 and was preparing to seize my home! My representative who had the case for over a year and who I had paid thousands of dollars to said “it was not their fault and would only continue working if I paid them $5000 more.” Enough was enough. I hired Arena and Associates and they were able to stop enforced collection and get an Offer in Compromise submitted. This was all done quickly and for a very reasonable fee.”

Rob G., West Palm FL

“Between our business and our personal accounts my partner and I owed the IRS and State over a million dollars. Our accounts were being levied and we had no idea what to do. We hired Arena and Associates, Inc. and they were able to get us the breathing room we needed. They helped us to get our business turned around and were able to work out a very reasonable settlement with the taxing authorities. It was the best money I ever spent!”

Bill F., Worcester MA

“The downturn in the economy and the housing market had devastated my business. I had huge debts owing to the IRS and other creditors. Arena and Associates, Inc. was able to step in and negotiate settlements with everyone. I reduced my liabilities by thousands and was able to get going again. They worked for me more like friends than just some big company looking to earn a fee.”

Louis A., Phoenix AZ


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