I Became familiar with Rob A**** and Associates because I owed the IRS money, I had several companies soliciting my business. There was something special about Rob and his associates that made me feel secure with them. I never met any of them in person. But they made me feel like we were old friends. The IRS seized a check from my employer, I used these funds to pay other people that helped me at the job. Mr. A**** got right on it and had them reimburse my check that same day. He then walked me through everything that I needed to do. And told me everything that I had done wrong. He was honest and caring when ever he talked to me, and it was obvious that he had my best interests at heart. During the time that we were working on a resolution, my husband died, Mr A**** continued to work on my case Alone, he tried not to call me with things and took care of matters with the IRS on his own, he worked late hours on my case and did not trouble me with things until I was able to cope with them. Rob A**** and his associates went above and beyond what I had paid them to do, and when I was having a difficult time in my life he burdened himself with my problems, to help a fell human being that he had never ever met, Who would not want a man like this in their corner,,, My prayers and gratitude go out to them daily. Oh , so yes I HIGHLY recommend them.