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Identity Theft and the filing of fraudulent refund returns is a common and persistent problem for many taxpayers. As this is tax time, taxpayers must be wary of returns that our filed on their behalf by criminals that have stolen their social security numbers.  The filing of a fraudulent return can result in the taxpayer’s refund being stolen and will delay posting of their actual return. Solving these types of issues can be time consuming and extremely frustrating.

A taxpayer may not be aware that they are a victim of identity theft until they attempt to file the tax return and it is rejected as a duplicate return. Other indicators of identity theft are IRS notices stating; more than one tax return filed using the taxpayer’s Social Security Number; or a balance due, refund offset or collection action taken for a year in which no return was filed; or the IRS or state records indicate the taxpayer received wages from an unknown employer; or an amended tax return. For business, fictitious employees or notice about a defunct, or closed business is a red flag.

Taxpayers that find that they have become victim of identity theft should act quickly. Unless the taxpayer contacts the IRS directly they may not be aware that the taxpayer was not the source of the fraudulent return. The IRS will research the matter and most likely contact the taxpayer to provide additional information. Being prompt and diligent in response can help to avoid an escalation of the issue.

Arena and Associates has many years of correcting these issues. If you or someone you know has suffered from this then call today for immediate help.

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